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Pastor Mike is a man who loves God and His people! But this wasn't always the case. Mike grew up a troubled youth in Northern California. Uninterested in school, he began to experiment with drugs. He landed himself in a juvenile detention facility, then later a mental facility, and ultimately jail. Even after this trouble with the law, Mike still had no clear direction for his life. So he headed to Los Angeles, California, to pursue music. As a gifted guitar player, Mike was able to find work playing in several bands in Los Angeles, but he still felt empty. Mike was desperately seeking something or someone to make him feel whole. 

In this time of searching, Mike recalled a Calvary Chapel that his father and step-mother took him to once as a kid. He searched for one in his area and found Calvary Chapel LAX. He began attending services weekly and reading his Bible. It was here that God began a great transformative work in him. Mike found all he was searching for in Jesus and no longer pursued anything else. He also found a church family to help encourage and support him as he grew in his faith. 

He immediately began to serve in any capacity he could. His first task was to sweep the floors before service, and he did joyfully every week! Because of his faithfulness and love of God's Word, Mike was later asked to teach in the youth ministry. Mike had a burning desire to see young kids set free from Satan's grip and the lies that hindered their faith! 

During this time at CCLAX, Mike also met his beautiful wife, Brianne. They were married in 2006 and continued wholeheartedly in youth ministry as a couple. In 2011, Mike graduated from Calvary Chapel School of Ministry and was ordained by CCLAX as a Pastor. 

In 2015, Mike began to feel a new vision stirring in his heart. He and Brianne began to pray about planting a church someday. With the fervent prayers, that vision became a reality in 2017. With the support and love of his CCLAX family, Mike moved his family to Mobile, Alabama, to plant Calvary Chapel Mobile. Mike and Brianne are joyfully serving the people of Mobile and continue to pray for the Word of God to transform lives and restore hearts in this city! 

Pastor Mike's latest book is now available on Amazon!


WHEN GOD?: Understanding God's Timing in a Fast-Paced World

There are a multitude of benefits of waiting upon the Lord’s timing. This book reminds the reader that the Lord works on our hearts as we wait for His promises to come to pass. If God gives you a promise, you can be sure it will happen. You just have to trust Him during the waiting time.

Pastor Mike's latest book is now available on Amazon!


100 Encouragements and Exhortations

A book full of inspiration and encouragement from what the Lord has taught Mike over the years.

Check out Pastor Mike's book on difficulties and trials in the life of a believer, published in 2019 and available on Amazon


WHY, GOD? Understanding the Storms in the Life of the Believer


Sharing from personal stories, Pastor Mike explores the different type of storms we may be experiencing and what God may be trying to show us through those seasons. Why God? is everything you need to know in order to navigate the storms that come and to understand God's plan in the midst of trials.


Looking for encouragement on the go? Pastor Mike's 10-minute podcast, The Drive, offers daily thoughts rooted in the Word to encourage you in your walk with Christ. 

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Pastor Mike teams up with Pastor Anthony Rea from Living Water Fellowship in Dothan, Alabama. Together, they discuss topics on faith, life, society, etc with a heart to examine challenging issues using a biblical perspective.

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